Ligwalawala Trade

Accredited institution with MerSeta and AgriSeta Accredited institution with MerSeta and AgriSeta

Welcome to Ligwalala Trade Institute

Ligwalagwala Trade Institute (LTI) (Pty) Ltd is a skills trade training centre that equips communities and learners with special skills and very much so profound in empowering those who have passion to be especially professional in the field of studies indicated below.

Ligwalagwala is an accredited institution with MerSeta and AgriSeta. The Accreditation Number thereon is 17-QA/ACC/1221/16 $ 18-MER/ACC/002021. The policies and procedures of the institute are deeply entranched in the quality management system of the company (Ligwalagwala Trade Institute) document.

The name Ligwalagwala generates from a bird called lourie bird in english. This bird has earned its respect and its importance in Swaziland as the bird of the Kingdom of Swaziland.

Our Mission

“Skilling the african child” is the mandate and the mission of Ligwalagwala Trade Institute without any compromise. In the field study the following is concentrated on in terms of the training:

  • A comprehensive study manual is given to the learner
  • Theory is given in the field of study
  • Hands-on practical training
  • Workplace placing of learners so as to acquaint them with real practical work experience so that they can be legible for possible employment.