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Welcome to Ligwalawala Trade institute

Our practical skills training facility focuses on skills development and training for unskilled labourers or labourers looking to expand their skills and knowledge base. We offer courses in the following disciplines:

Boiler making, Rigging, Pipe Fitting, Welding, Sheet Metal Work, Computers, Fire Fighting and Health and Safety.

Our courses last for 15-20 days, meaning students will not be away from work for prolonged period of time. Secondly as soon as the course is completed students are able to commence with work immediately.

Contact Ligwalagwala to enquire about our courses for both individuals and companies. Our courses also offer BBBEE benefits for companies.


Our courses cater for individuals who are looking to further their careers or perhaps specialise in a particular field of study. These fields include:

Boiler making, Rigging, Pipe Fitting, Welding, Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Bricklaying, Painting / Decorating, CNC Programming, Aircon & Refrigeration, Sheet Metal Work, Site Installations, AutoCad, Drawings etc.

Through our workshops students are equipped with essential skills that will help them find employment. Our workshops and study period is 3 months full time, and upon completion of the workshop students are able to commence working immediately.

Individuals become company assets and highly comparative with quality practical skills that are highly acquired after 3 months in the labour market. Our workshops teach students the value of productivity and use their strengths to build practical skills.

Once payment for your course reflects, students receive their student numbers and commencement dates.

PDR Training

Ligwalagwala Trade Institute (LTI) is a professional PRD Training centre, specialising in Painless dent removal training, painless dent removal tool manufacturing, chasing hail damage, small dents, dings and other related services. LTI also do have mobile unit which means TLI can even do jobs on site.

Ligwalagwala Trade Institute (TLI) is a 100% back-owned institute which is established strictly to equip young and old Africans with new critical and scarce skills in order to be employable, be their own bosses and also get decent jobs in the engineering field / automotive sector.

LTI offers on site PDR Training, sells PDR Training tool manufacturing and provides paint less dent removal service nationwide. LTI urges you and your organizations as well as further education and training institutions to work in partnership with LTI in order to take this legacy project / initiative to the next exciting level.

Through our course individuals are able to:

  • Improve skills and be highly competitive
  • Complete their trade test
  • Change careers
  • Enrollment

IMPORTANT Please submit your completed enrollment form one week before your course starts. Once you have completed your enrollment form, scan it along with a copy of your ID and proof of payment to

Enrolment Policies and Procedures

1. Companies & Students

Enrolment forms must be completed and returned before course can begin. Click here to download the enrollment form.

Full payment must be confirmed a week before course commencement – No REFUNDS

2. Enrolment Policies and Procedures

Students are expected to attend a minimum of 70% of the classes otherwise they will be asked to repeat the course at their own cost. If the company is paying for the course, the HR Department or Manager in charge of the student will be notified accordingly.

Courses must be booked at least 1 week in advance. As soon as payment has been received the student will receive his/her student number and starting date of course.


We urge companies and employees to source trained staff directly from us as we provide exceptionally skilled workers with a high quality of qualification.

Companies prefer to send unskilled staff and unemployed youths to LigwalaGwala due to our renowned short courses. We have the ability to customise our courses to meet the needs and requirements of companies. The benefit of short courses is that employees do not spend prolonged periods of time away from the site. It also promotes lifelong learning in an industry where technology and industry demands are constantly evolving and improving.

Advantages of training employees with LTI

  • Skilled workers in the workplace.
  • Better production in the work environment.
  • Can claim points back on your BBBEE Certificate under Skills Development and Preferential Procurement?
  • Advantages of Training Non Employees with LTI
  • Upliftment of previously disadvantaged individuals.
  • Claim points back on BBBEE Certificate under Socio Economic Development , Enterprise Development as well as Preferential Procurement

How can your company give back?

Your company can give a disadvantaged unemployed youth the skills they need to be employed and self-sustained – and able to provide for themselves, their families and also carries the benefit of BBBEE points.
Sponsor one or more of our graduating students with an entrepreneur start up package and reap BBBEE points.


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